About Michelle

I am passionate about helping you clear your blocks to prosperity and living powerfully…and creating a business doing what you love.

I am passionate and skillful at helping women get clarity, feel energised and confident, and take action to manifest their deepest dreams and desires. We will work together to help you create and live the life your heart and spirit dreams of.

I love helping women overcome their stress around money, uncertainty about their passion and purpose, and resistance to living a prosperous and powerful life.

Even though I have a business I love – helping savvy women discover their dreams and launch their dream-life – and am able to earn more than $100K from working part-time hours, it wasn’t always that way…

When it was time

I know about the money *stuff* and being stuck because it is my story too. About five years ago, after running a successful consulting business for many years, where I worked long hours to make decent money but had no creative outlet, I decided IT WAS TIME. I refocused my business to offering creative thinking programs and courses to help professional people unlock their natural talent.

Over the years of leading these programs, I have witnessed hundreds of people struggle with allowing their creative side to shine through. What I discovered was that many talented and passionate women kept their dreams in a shoebox because they couldn’t see how they could possible fund them. This kept them blocked from pursuing their heart’s deepest desires. I realised that clearing money *stuff* and past traumas was a huge factor in helping others who want to create a more prosperous, creative, fulfilling life that gave them choice and freedom.

My coaching programs – focused on helping soulful, savvy women step into the next best version of themselves – were born!

My own journey

On my own journey, I have sought knowledge and wisdom from international experts in wealth creation, business coaching and creativity for my own personal development and business growth. Along the way, I have attained the following qualifications for my speciality fields:

  • I am a Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach and studied with the masterful Margaret Lynch.
  • I am a Certified Creatively Fit Coach and studied with the talented Whitney Freya.

My work

I live on a 170 acre farm called Serenity Hills (and yes, it is as peaceful as it sounds) inland from Byron Bay, Australia with my husband Ian and dog Lulu. We are blessed with oodles of wildlife, bird song, fresh air and gorgeous views of the valley and mountains nearby. I run my coaching and visual thinking businesses from the farm’s old diary cold room. I also have a secret passion for forging metal into curvy shapes and designing jewellery which I do out of my renovated milking bales studio.

Charity and community support

From the profits of my work, I support and regularly contribute to these charities:

  • The Smith Family sponsoring an Australian child’s schooling expenses and education
  • Guide Dogs Australia
  • Surf Life Saving Australia
  • The Climate Council

I support the following community projects with pro bono work:

  • 7 Sibley Street – Nimbin’s Sustainable Living Hub
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Djilpin Arts Aboriginal Corporation

Send me a message – I’d love to hear from you:

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