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Earth Matters Exhibition poster

Earth Matters

Aug 4 – Sep 25 2021

Blue Knob Hall Gallery, Blue Knob, NSW
An exhibition of new works by artists, Helen Rae Douglass and Michelle Walker who share a love of nature and the beauty of her landscapes.

Michelle Walker

Artist statement

Through my art, I create images that say visually what I feel about where I’ve lived and what I’ve learned from life. Nature has been a great teacher through the cycles of life, death and transition.

I layer colors, play with space and shape, and contrast the solid with the translucent to replicate the layered nature of our experiences and our connections to where we have been.

Symbols and icons and motifs such as the meandering line are often the focal point of my works. My interest resonates with journeying through the landscape (travels) and life’s experiences (reflections). My morning walks with Lulu on our farm are a constant in my day and have become a part of my practice —being in and observing nature and my own emotional responses.

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