For the past 2 years, more people have been staying home and searching for creative outlets. If you are an artist with an idea for an online art class, now’s the perfect time to dive in.

So, have you been thinking you want to create your own art course and deliver it online? Maybe you already have a course but are interested in learning what other artists are doing and how they approach the ideas and the technology wrangle. If you are a yes, then this episode is worth a listen.

Michelle and Jennifer talk through the ‘gremlins’ that might come up in thinking about diving in to teaching. They also cover how they go about deciding on their course content, the options for online teaching and hosting platforms for live and recorded workshops and the most important equipment you need to get started. At the end of the conversation, Michelle share more detail about the teaching platforms she’s investigated recently to help those wrestling with the all-important decision about which one to use.

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